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Alberta Trophy Cougar Hunt

Record Book Eligible - Fair Chase Only!

We do not use or endorse the use of, radio tracking collars, or any type of electronic locating devices. So, the cougars our hunters harvest are always eligible for inclusion in the Boone and Crockett Club’s records.

Alberta's #1 Cougar, taken with Double Diamond Outfitters!

The amazing cougar pictured here, taken by Terry Klassen, was measured by a panel of three official Boone and Crockett Club measurers and achieved a final score of 16.0″, ranking it #1 for Alberta and #4 in the world.

This huge cat is much bigger than any other we have ever seen, either before or since. He was weighed on a certified scale at an incredible 218 lbs., and measured 7’9″ long from his nose to the tip of his tail bone!

Alberta trophy cougar hunt is truly beyond compare. Not only is Alberta blessed with the largest subspecies in North America, the largest specimens documented, have been from Alberta as well. Add to that, cougars in Alberta occupy habitat that is more accessible than that found in many other places. Therefore, regardless of your physical condition, your odds of success are likely higher in Alberta than anywhere else.


Here’s Terry with his giant of a cat!

The prevalence of abundant populations of both whitetail and mule deer ensures cougars in Alberta have an ample prey base to sustain them. Cougars are large and effective predators and regularly kill bigger prey like moose and elk as well.

Cougar hunting in Alberta takes place during the winter months, the presence of snow enables us to identify the tracks of big cougars. The season is December, January and February. During the hunt we will travel the back country using four wheel drive trucks and snowmobiles to locate a suitable track. From there the pursuit will be on foot with hounds.

The average time to harvest a cougar on our hunts is 5-6 days. We like our hunters to allow for a 10 day hunt as this will provide some flexibility for the varying weather conditions that are common at this time of year. Allowing ample time is an important factor in the great success rates our clients enjoy.

We have earned a well deserved reputation as one of the foremost cougar outfitters in the business. The hardest working, most knowledgeable guides anywhere, plus the biggest cats in the best terrain, make our hunts the first choice for exceptional success rates and unmatched trophy quality.

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